First Published: June 29, 2007

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The Ghost Of Webcomics

This strip shows you how fast I can do a volte-face. Careful readers will notice that the retraction contains not one, but two new insults (actually, fifteen insults in all).

Self-flagellation is not something I actually do in real life. It's a metaphor.

In case you didn't recognize him: The "Ghost" is Skull the Troll from Scott Kurtz's highly successful webcomic / dead tree comic Player vs. Player.

Drawing Notes

Drawing the bathroom tiles was fun, but time-consuming. During the completion of this strip I started to figure out that I would have to stop drawing details in places which would later be covered by text later anyway. Of course, I made up for this by attempting more complex scenes. It's just not getting easier...

Relevant Links

All the people insulted in the last panel, this time with the right spelling (yes, the strip misspells them on purpose) and linked to their respective webworks:

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