First Published: July 25, 2007

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The Eyebrow Story, Part 2

Continuing the eyebrow saga. When the sweat first pours into your eyes, it only stings a little. However, this mild discomfort gradually turns into a "make it stop, make it stop" kind of pain.

I do realize there are people who have shaved their eyebrows and they have grown back just fine. In my particular case, the razor must have scarred the tissue or something. The odds of eyebrows not growing back are probably really, really small. But even knowing this... do you feel lucky?

Drawing Notes

The t-shirt in the flashback is different than the one from modern times. There seems to be an unwritten rule that comic strip characters have to keep wearing the same stuff so readers will always be able to tell them apart. I'm still deciding whether to adhere to that rule.

(Comic book geeks may consider the undulating lines similar to Steve Ditko's visual representation of the Spider Sense. Well... maybe this was on purpose, but possibly not.)

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