First Published: August 17, 2007

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I Would Like Everything Else

This actually happened exactly the way I drew it.

Ever since I saw "Miss Congeniality" (yes, the Sandra Bullock movie), I have been wondering whether the desire for world peace really is as silly as mentioned in the movie. Perhaps we're not getting world peace simply because none of us really believes in it.

Drawing Notes

That thing being held next to the ear is a phone. You know, a telephone with a cord. Yes, they used to make telephones with cords. The good thing about them was that they never ran out of batteries while you were talking. If you got disconnected, it was because the switchboard lady had fallen asleep on top of her desk... look, am I boring you with this?

Look, I was facing the challenge of drawing a recognizable phone and since modern phones all look different, I figured this was a good compromise. A kind of phone nobody uses anymore. Well, almost nobody (hi, Dad).

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