First Published: August 13, 2007

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Stupid And Evil

Here's a troubling thought: I actually have the means to spam a nun.

(I wonder whether anybody will get the Babs joke without using Wikipedia or a search engine. If you do, by all means let me know.)

Drawing Notes

There's actually a funny story behind the creation of this strip. Okay, it's not very a funny story, actually it's a bit sad. But it's a story.

When I came up with the idea, I thought: "Great, not much to draw here, just close-ups of the face. Should be a breeze." An easy one!

Fifteen minutes later, I was still researching the shapes of aerials. From there, things quickly spiralled out of control. I realized I would have to create a special kind of word balloon for the broadcasts. That took a while. Then I had to come up with inanities to fill the balloons with. That also took a while.

In the end, I spent all the hours I'd have ordinarily spent on the art on the word balloons. And that was before I decided to change the punch line.

Yes, do go on and laugh while I sit in this corner and quietly soak my shirt with tears.

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