First Published: August 8, 2007

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The Big Drug Scare, Part 2

Part 2 of 3. (Click here for Part 1.)

Frankly, I hate anti-drug propaganda. It tends to be preachy and often grossly inaccurate. I never met somebody who said "I used to do drugs, but then I saw a PSA which made me quit."

(If you have never seen a "Kiss The Cook" apron, you might get entirely the wrong idea about the frontispiece image. I'm just spelling this out because of the recent yellow book fiasco.)

Drawing Notes

Drawing Salvador Dalí was fun, especially when I realized that I pulled it off. I was rather happy with the results, which is something you might have gathered I rarely am.

Have you ever realized that if you paint a Dalí moustache on Vincent Price's face, you've got the splitting image of Salvador Dalí and that if you take Dali`s moustache off, he becomes Price? Their facial structure is almost identical. I smell a conspiracy. Did you ever notice how Vincent Price kept rolling his "r"?

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