First Published: December 7, 2007

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Morning Revelations

The film "Amazon Women On The Moon" was supposed to be a semi-sequel to "Kentucky Fried Movie". It doesn't quite work as well as its predecessor, but it has some great moments.

Personal favorites:

"Critic's Corner" turns the cruel eye of Siskel & Ebert on a couch potato whose corpse later reappears on "Roast Your Loved One" where a wake turns into a roast.

"Son Of The Invisible Man" is a brilliant send-up of the Claude Reins movies, "Reckless Youth" parodies drug awareness films of the 50's with Carrie Fisher in the role of a tempted youth, of all things! Video Date" is as dirty as it is hilarious – suffice to say that this is where Russ Meyer appears in the film.

The recent DVD reissue contains three deleted sketches, one of which ("The Unknown Soldier" by Joe Dante) is so perfect it would have made the rest of Amazon Women On The Moon pale by comparison. They probably felt their only choice was to either cut the sketch or scrap the movie.

Drawing Notes

Couldn't resist a minor allusion to the webcomic "Questionable Content". Aside from the name, it doesn't really have much questionable content: The strip chronicles the life of a somewhat confused young man named Marten. It's an indie soap opera with some great humor and rather well-written characters.

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