First Published: April 11, 2008

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Married Life

When I sent this strip to Andy's real-life counterpart in advance and I received no feedback whatsoever, I quickly started to worry. (Andy gets to see each strip first so he can make suggestions or raise objections.)

You see, Andy is somewhat of a prude. So he may currently be in shock, unable to respond. Given this unexpected vacuum, I started to fiddle with the wording. In fact, every time I re-read the comic I want to rephrase another thing.

Please note how cleverly I have managed to side-step the issue of actually commenting on the contents of the strip.

Drawing Notes

This may look like a cut and paste job to you, but I actually redrew the darned screen and keyboard four times by hand, starting from the same sketch of course.

I also redrew the figure each time, even though panels one and four are required to be the same exact pose.

If you look closely, you can see how the hands gradually rise from the keyboard only to return to their original position.

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