First Published: February 4, 2009

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Sketch Time 10

The "It's Just Me" storyline had me uneasy for the longest time. How to portray the wife? I looked at a lot of sitcom photos, working backwards from the Bundys. The Mary Tyler Moore look perhaps? Nah.

Once I decided she would wear an apron, I recalled Lucille Ball's hairdo. I gathered a pile of reference photos, stared at them, scratched my head a lot and things finally started to come together.

Drawing Notes

All the sketches you see here were done directly in ink, with no beforehand pencilling.

Shortly before the new year, I realized that all my fountain pens were either clogged or broken, so I purchased a new one – nothing fancy, just with an EF tip (Extra Fine). For some reason, drawing with a new pen is always a fascinating experience.

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