First Published: February 11, 2009

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Sketch Time 11

More sketches for the "It's Just Me" storyline. The boy was the easiest one to design. Ironically, he ended up getting the least exposure. Not even the slingshot made it in.

The girl initially had a frillier variant of her "mom's" hairdo, a plaid dress and a doll. The rough pencil sketches on the right hand side show the girl eating – originally she was going to show more enthusiasm for dinner, but I went for a cheap gag instead.

The baby was always supposed to look like a grub instead of a realistic baby. I actually tried to get the anatomy right at some point (not shown), but quickly returned to the original idea.

Drawing Notes

Except for the four drawings on the right hand side, everything was sketched directly with a pen.

When I start out with pen lines, the shapes tend to be simple and bold  – great for designing things or characters, not so hot for figuring out panel composition or figure movement. When sketching the shapes with the pencils, I do better at "feeling" the three-dimensional shape of the figures, as it were.

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