First Published: March 25, 2009

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Sketch Time 15

This character has been in my sketchbook for years now.

Months ago, I had actually settled on a design, but when the time came to actual introduce the character, I surrendered to a sudden urge to re-design. Hilarity and cursing ensued.

Here you can see the last stages of development, my mind obviously all over the place. I finally settled on something which would would fit together with the other characters.

Drawing Notes

In the upper left hand corner, I was probably channeling Erik Larsen (I wish).

When I like a design, I usually point at it with an arrow so I will remember my decision a week (...month ...year) later. Otherwise I tend to re-evaluate my choices endlessly.

Once I got the idea of the somewhat muppetish spectacles, the manga-ish designs quickly fell by the wayside. Sadly, so did the idea of giving him cat eyes.

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