First Published: September 9, 2009

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My Interesting Life

This is all true, down to the ill-considered t-shirt with the American flag I wore as a young teen.

Minor details have been fudged. For one, I can't recall what kind of car I drove that night; it was a rental. Also, the sign may have been one word shorter and the other way around.

The airplane type is an educated guess – I remember it was capable of landing on water in case of emergency, it could carry 20 people and had a cargo hold.

Drawing Notes

This strip was fun to do, even though it involved some research to get the plane right.

Every time I draw myself as an old man, I take a different approach. Ah, the joys of drawing without a model sheet for the main character.

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Roosters trained for fighting are called "gamecock". That sounded wrong on too many levels, though.

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