First Published: October 26, 2009

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Beansprout Returns, Part 5

Concluding the pentalogy (which started here).

The conversation which inspired this batch of strips went a bit different (and it didn't involve any motorcycle accidents). Well, the sequence is actually an amalgam of several conversations, one of which ended this way:

Real-Life Beansprout: "You have this incredibly annoying way of killing a conversation with a single sentence."

Real-Life Me: "Really?"

Real-Life Beansprout: "..."

Drawing Notes

Close-up of panel 2This strip was hard work to do, yet fun.

Sadly, some details were lost when the artwork was shrunk down to web resolution – such as what's stuck in Beansprout's back in the second panel (see close-up at right).

The motorcycle suit's price tag was already visible in the third strip of this sequence.

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