First Published: November 6, 2009

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This is why you shouldn't even think about letting me drink alcohol in your presence. This is also why I hardly ever drink alcohol. Also, it affects my motor skills which means I can't draw if the fancy should strike me.

If you're unlucky, two glasses of wine are enough to turn me into somebody who first starts to dissect language and then mercilessly proceeds to dissect you. Basically, I turn into Dr. Gregory House without the charm.

Drawing Notes

There's actually a convoluted story behind this strip (big surprise here). In my sketchbook, it spreads across seven panels. The idea was to have the panels swirl about somewhat drunkenly.

The execution of this idea would have required more vertical space than usual, but I didn't really mind. That's until I remembered this strip here. So in order not to become a damn hypocrite, I decided against innovation and went for the traditional approach. And by placing the title card between the third and fourth panel as a breather, I bent the rules a bit without quite breaking them.

(I guess that wasn't such a convoluted story after all.)

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