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Archived News for November 28, 2007

Praise the Praise

It's a bit hard for me to write this because I've been busy blushing. Last Thursday, THIS IS ME got reviewed at Delos Woodruff's site It is a very, very nice review. It certainly makes this strip look much better than it is.

Woodruff is both a writer and a webcomic artist. At first glance, it might seem strange that a webcomic artist would review other comics, but Mr. Woodruff has an interesting angle. His motto is "What can we learn from webcomics?", the "we" being other artists. He's analyzing other strips to see what makes them tick, where they succeed and what to adapt for his own purposes.

This is something every artist ends up doing. When my wife and I walk through a museum, I will exasperate her by pausing in front of paintings and sculptures which to her are less than remarkable, but which fascinate me because they solve a problem I've experienced in my own efforts.

Mr Woodruff takes the same approach with web comics. Frankly, I don't see where he could profit from my efforts at all. In his comic "Frog Pond", he has mastered artistic shorthand much better than I am ever likely to do – his trees certainly look like trees and his figures are much more dynamic. There is a spontaneity to his art which eludes me. I fuss about a lot.

Mr. Woodruff follows the old adage: "If you can't say something nice...". He sent me an e-mail with personal comments for THIS IS ME, the most significant criticism being that I might consider toning down my ceaseless self-flagellation. I am trying, Delos. I am trying real hard. And many thanks for the kind words.

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