First Published: October 31, 2007

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Tribute To The Pumpkin King

This strip was actually my wife's idea. Well, not the strip itself, but the Halloween theme. On Friday, she asked me innocently: "Are you going to do a Halloween strip next Wednesday?"

So I dropped everything, shoved the strip I had initially planned to the end of the queue and came up with this gag in about five minutes. Really.

My wife's predilection for Sir Sean has been documented previously.

Drawing Notes

This is a textbook example on how a quick idea can lead to a rather laborious drawing session.

The last time I drew him, I "simply" traced Sean Connery's likeness. This time I decided to actually do a caricature for real. After searching around for photo reference and getting side-tracked in miscellaneous Ursula Andress galleries, I finally found enough photographs to give me a foundation to base my own drawing on.

I am happy with the results, but it was a twice as hard as I'd expected since I was trying not to draw Mr. Connery, but a Sean Connery mask. Hope you enjoy the results.

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