First Published: November 2, 2007

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Dealing With Feedback

The second panel reintroduces my friend Andrew who was introduced a while ago.

Soon after starting the strip, I was scrambling for secondary and tertiary characters. Basically, I was scared I'd quickly burn out my main characters and be left with nothing but empty panel borders.

After getting approval from his real-life inspiration, I introduced Andrew to give the strip some balance. Turns out I didn't require as much balancing as I thought. (Or maybe I do and I am in deep denial.)

P.S.: Just to make it perfectly clear – I do not ignore criticism from strangers. But the closer you are to me, the more your criticism will affect me.

Drawing Notes

My sketchbook holds more than half a dozen additional characters who have yet to make their first appearances. I wonder when I'll get around to finally introduce them.

To get the look of Andy right, I actually had to refer back to my own strips. That was embarrassing, to say the least.

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