First Published: January 2, 2008

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The Announcement, Part 1

This has been mentioned previously, at great lenghts, in a site news post. So this is just a summary for the "tl; dr" crowd – with less words and more pictures.

Once again, let me state this for the record: I have no immediate short-term plans to conclude the strip. I am in no rush to conclude it, I have no schedule.

The sky is not falling, it is leisurely sauntering downwards.

Drawing Notes

I'm not sure whether my drawing skills are good enough to convey the fact that this is a very ill-fitting, late 80's style suit.

Not sure either whether you'll notice that a heroic effort was made to comb the hair to one side. In case you didn't: A heroic effort was made.

(Thanks to reader Q. for letting me know about a egregious spelling mistake in the last panel.)

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