First Published: June 27, 2007

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How to talk trash and alienate your audience. After looking at about thirty webcomics on a single day, I couldn't help myself.

I hope this strip will run long enough for me to eventually regret having drawn this. If only it had not been so much fun to do. I'm a bad person.

Drawing Notes

At actual size, you can actually read the squiggly text in the parody of DaVinci's famous Vitruvian Man. And yes, the writing is in reverse, just as in the original. Except it's not in Italian – I had to draw the line somewhere.

Regarding my stance on "How to Draw" literature: I stand by my opinion. The best these books can do is to teach technique. Beginners, however, need know-how on how to put on paper what they see in front of themselves. Once they've gotten that, technique will take care of itself.

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