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April 25, 2010: And Where Have You Been

When I concluded the strip in November 2009, the plan was to keep updating the site with occasional comics to celebrate special occasions (such as holidays), sketches, best-of compilations...

Then tedium set in. Then the holidays kept me busy. And then I had an accident.

In early January, on the first day of work, on the way home, I broke my thumb. The left hand's thumb. Big deal, I thought at first. But then, the first operation failed. Towards the end of January, the second operation went bad. The surgeon put my entire left hand in a cast for five and a half weeks.

Over this time, the thumb pain had became chronic. One of the loose screws inside my thumb threatened to puncture the skin from within. They put me in the hospital for two weeks for pain therapy, then added another week to remove the titanium surplus. I was the least damaged person in the four bed sick room and I'd felt like a complete poser if it hadn't been for the pain.

I have been out of the hospital for one week now. At some point, I sketched and drew a couple of comic strips just to keep my sanity. On Friday, the stitches were removed; now all that's left is to recover a decent range of movement. The whole thing has cost me more than three and a half months of my life. Enjoy the new strip.

My heart-felt advice to you all: Don't break a thumb.

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