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Archived News for July 27, 2007

Big Contest! Actually, a small contest

Here's the first contest on this site. The strip's been online for a month now, with no advertising, no word-of-mouth campaign and no Wikipedia spamming. Of course, I have been shilling for the strip with friends and colleagues, in the process becoming aware a worrying overlap. At least one friend mailed his acquaintances and told them: "Lookee here for teh Funny" -- a promise I worry I may not kept.

Anyway. So far, not a single e-mail has arrived at the address posted on nearly every page of this site. Apparently, people are simply too busy to copy and paste the line <me AT thisisme-comic DOT com> into their e-mail program, replace the AT and dot with a "@" and a "." and send me words of faint praise. Therefore, I now aim to sweeten the pot with this contest.

Contest Prizes & Rules

  1. The author of the first e-mail I receive gets one hand-drawn and signed sketch from me. You can specify the situation you want drawn, but it has to involve a character from the strip.
  2. The author of the second e-mail will receive two hand-drawn and signed sketches from me. You can also specify situations, but I might not follow the suggestions given.
  3. The author of the third e-mail will receive a hand-drawn sketch of whatever my hand felt like drawing at the time I set pen to paper.

And now, for the fine print. Ahem.

Winners will be notified by e-mail and asked for their postal address, so I can send them the promised sketch.

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