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Archived News for July 20, 2007

That Man Behind The Curtain is fiddling with the site

A few readers have had trouble when they clicked on the "next" link from an archive page and ended up on the front page. This is a caching problem I'll eventually address on the server. Until I manage to fix this, please hit reload (or refresh) in your browser if you realize you've ended up at the site entrance when you shouldn't have.

Not sure whether somebody has noticed it or not: The archived versions of most strips contain additional links at the bottom of the page, leading to related websites. The links won't show up on the front page because I figured it makes the page get too large. Links containing content more shocking than this site are flagged with [square brackets].

As an example, the archived version of today's strip has links relating to Mr. Cleese (as if anybody didn't know who he is) and to his rules of comedy. Incidentally, I'm still looking for a reliable/quotable source as to where he first stated that these were his rules for writing comedy.

Next week... a contest! The sure sign of desperation.

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