First Published: July 20, 2007

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Violating The Rules

This entry mostly serves to prove a point. I'm somebody who loves to come up with horrible puns, and eventually some will probably pop up in this strip. However, puns are not really a... sign of great sophistication and when they accumulate, the hilarity is often actually diminished instead of being multiplied.

As the first person who saw this strip accurately noted, "it isn't really funny." His merciless judgement didn't hurt me as much as the fact that when you cover Mr. John Cleese's head with a Rapunzel wig, he no longer looks like Mr. Cleese.

Drawing Notes

I figured that if I couldn't deliver an actual punchline, I'd at least draw myself into delirium. The parchment and sword were designed from scratch. The sword serves but one purpose: Point your eyes at the first panel below.

Finally, it took me four panels of John Cleese heads to realize if he is ever going to reappear in this strip, I really need to come up with a true cartoon representation instead of slavishly following photo reference.

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