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Archived News for December 3, 2009

The State Of The Strip

As you may have noticed, THIS IS ME has concluded. There will be few minor site updates rsn: My wife insists that I remove the "next" button from the front page. Also, the "about" section is in dire needs of a makeover.

There may be additional strips on special occasions. A few new comics might be strewn throughout the site. There may also be sketches and wallpapers – all the stuff I couldn't find the time to polish properly over the past months. I'm also considering to write some well-meant-yet-mostly-useless advice for aspiring comic strippers.

To keep abreast of such developments, you can either subscribe to the RSS feed linked from the main page or to the strip's Twitter stream (@TIMcomic). If that seems too "Web 2.0" for you, send an e-mail to <me AT thisisme-comic DOT com> with the words "UPDATE ME" in the subject and I will mail you announcements when they happen.

There's also a new project in the wings, details of which shall be revealed in due course. Eventually, "This Is Me" may be collected into a book-on-demand, but at this point I still need to figure the how's and the how muches (advice welcome).

Here's the tl;dr version for the ADD crowd, with bold-faced highlights:

Finally: Should you have a pile of money laying around, feel free to bribe me into continuing THIS IS ME. There are a lot of strip ideas left in my sketchbooks (nearly 100 at the last count), but I currently feel no urgency in actually seeing them through. As mercenary as this may sound, money is a great motivator. ("All I want is a chance to prove that money can't buy happiness.")

See you around, my kind and faithful readers.
(And to the rest of you: Sod off.)

Sincerely, Gerald

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