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Archived News for April 28, 2008

Behind The Scenes Shenanigans

The delays continue. Of course I have an excuse.

Today marks the arrival of a new character to the strip: Beansprout. I've been putting off his introduction for half a year now, making all kinds of excuses to myself. The main reason for my uneasiness is that I worry about throwing the strip out of balance. In short, it's got the potential to become a debacle of Lymanesque proportions. Lyman was a short-lived character in the comic strip "Garfield". He moved in with John and brought his dog Odie. Lyman proved superfluous and eventually disappeared without a trace, whereas Odie lives on.

But then I decided: It's my strip, I can fail if I want to (singing: fail if I want to...). And perhaps it will work out after all. Finalizing the character's look took a while, though. As usual: Your input is appreciated. Tell me what you think at <me AT thisisme-comic DOT com>.

I also spent a lot of time doing behind-the-scenes house cleaning. Three strips have been updated: Strips 127, 128 and 130.

I also meant to modify the last panel of "Reorientation" only to realize that it could only get worse.

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