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Archived News for November 12, 2007

Sketches Were Promised

So, I promised to post sketches featuring my new and "improved", yet ultimately abandoned drawing style if anybody bothered to ask. For three days, nothing happened. Then, finally, a reaction! So here, they are, my doodles scanned straight from the sketchbook. Clicking on an image loads a bigger version:

This is her (sketch)

You can see better in the big version what I did here. Essentially, I didn't bother with a pencil sketch, but skipped straight to the gray tones. The grey tones are the sketch. The black pen lines just help to pull the image together.

I thought the result looked rather neat. In fact, I tried it out on another main character:

This is me (sketch)

So this is "me", giving my reading public a righteous stare (big version here). Again, there was no pencilling involved at any point. I just winged it in grey and then added black lines.

I also tried out this style with the monkey and Andrew. Would anybody care to see those? Send me an e-mail to let me know and I'll add them on Wednesday. Or perhaps I should even introduce "Sketch Thursdays". What do you think?

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