First Published: November 7, 2007

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The Way She Laughs, Part 1

I may be overstating the "most beautiful" part slightly, but not by much. My wife's laughter sounds the way champagne looks.

When I shared my office with a certain collegue, he always shouted jokes whenever my wife called on the phone – just to hear her laughter bubble out of the receiver. That might seem a bit creepy, but I immediately understood his motivation.

Drawing Notes

In this strip, I tried out a new drawing method. It looks extremely nice in my sketchbook, but it turns out that it (a) takes a long time to carry out in four panels and (b) the results fell far short of my expectations.

So I aborted the revolution and erased and reworked what I had. There are still shades of the different style in these panels, but I think I've ironed most of it out.

If a reader (and by I mean that I'd honestly settle for a single reader e-mail) were to write to ask for a scan from the sketchbook, I'd probably act coyly for a brief moment and then happily provide you with the goods. But considering how rare reader mail hits my inbox, your chances to see the sketches look rather dim.

Note: The requested reader e-mail arrived and the sketches were posted in the site news section.

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