First Published: November 5, 2007

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The Weight of Fairy Tales

Over the weekend, I received an utterly charming e-mail from a reader who seems to have been lurking about for a while. Now she finally found the time to write. I can't begin to tell you how much these e-mails mean to me.

The reader made some soothing remarks concerning the previous strip and then mentioned that Dave Kellett's Sheldon has recently been running a series of strips on artistic insecurities. Apparently, a Sheldon cast member desperately wants to be an artist.

Drawing Notes

I spent quite some time wondering what fairy tale to adapt in a single panel for the frontispiece. I eventually found an answer, but there was a catch.

Drawing the frontispiece, I quickly had to acknowledge that I haven't mastered the art of drawing convincing trees after all, easily disproving my previous boast.

So if you are wondering why that dog creature is clutching a huge stalk of broccoli, I'll have you know that the "broccoli" is supposed to be a tree. (And the dog creature is supposed to be a big bad wolf.)

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