First Published: July 13, 2007

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King Of Comebacks

This is exactly why I prefer letters and e-mail to phone calls. In e-mail, I can come across as sharp and witty. On the phone, I just stammer inanities. In e-mail, I can pretend I am intelligent; in real life, I find myself forced to own up to my limitations.

The book is rather good, actually. The actual title, however, is "The Pythons' Autobiography By The Pythons". Bob McCabe was given the thankless task of interviewing the remaining five Pythons and to shape their occasionally divergent accounts into a cohesive whole. It worked out rather well.

Drawing Notes

See that tree in the background? That's no simple cut and paste job; I really painted the same tree four times. Before I could do that, though, first I had to get the shape of a tree down once. This, by itself, took me about two hours -- my first trees looked like shrubbery or licorice cotton candy.

Now, however, I can draw trees! And the way my life's going, I will never again find any use for this ability.

Relevant Links

The Pythons' Autobiography by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin; compiled by Bob McCabe:

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