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Archived News for February 18, 2008

Never Been Guessed

EDIT: Challenge is closed as of February 27. The winner and the solution can be found here.

The space ship challenge is still open: Determine the origin for the spaceship models shown in the second panel of the strip from January 28, 2008 and you could win an unspecified prize.

So far, all guesses there have been wrong, often embarrassingly so. One reader even started a thread on the Sci Fi Channel's message boards, asking for input. Somebody guessed "Battle Beyond the Stars" from a YouTube video, but that's not it either, sorry.

Let me give you a few clues, then. The space ships depicted in panel 2 are not from the great sci-fi movie mentioned in the strip, at least not when using the standard definition for "great". The film was, in fact, such a flop that DVDs are only available in two countries around the globe, both releases being in languages I don't speak. The space fighters are held the way they flew in the movie. They aren't exactly to scale; the one being held in the lower hand should be slightly bigger to match.

Now go and find it. Using the hivemind is allowed, squeezing Andrew for information is not.

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