First Published: January 28, 2008

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Deleted Scenes

I'm a sucker for special edition DVDs.

Most of the bonus features turn out to be propaganda designed to tell you how great the movie is (which either is a blatant lie or something you already know, no thanks either way).

The worst parts are when the actors tell you how great it was to work with the director and the director tells you how great the actors were.

Sometimes, you find a few real gold nuggets among the deleted scenes, however (such as the WTF alternate ending for "Supernova" and the unforgettable cellphone scene in "Keeping The Faith").

Drawing Notes

I couldn't resist putting a little inside joke into the second panel.

If you recognize the space ship designs, you are (a) a geek, (b) getting old and (c) hopefully going to e-mail me about it.

If you send me e-mail identifying the space ships' origin (yes, I know where they're from), I'll send you a special something in return. Andrew is disqualified from entering.

UPDATE: Contest is closed. We have a winner!

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