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Archived News for October 22, 2007

Apropos Of Nothing

This is a set of ten icons I cobbled together for my Windows XP computer. The icons are derived from the Vista icon set -- turns out I like the icon design, but not the operating system. (The icon design is by The Icon Factory. The operating system isn't.)

I use the icons shown below for my application folders containing (in order of appearance) my drawing programs, 3D graphics applications, audio playback and ripping tools, games, web design software, internet applications, miscellaneous tools, the program folder, system configuration tools and text editors:

Most of the graphics have been cobbled together from existing Vista icon resources (in some instances, repurposing them in ways completely unintended by their creators). The quill and the "<tag>" letters were created by me. All icons are available in 48×48, 32×32 and 16×16 pixels at truecolor, 256 colors and 16 colors (only the truecolor icons are shown above).

You can download the whole set (for free!) in a ZIP file by clicking on the image above. Perhaps you will find these icons useful. Perhaps not. Commercial use is strongly discouraged. I will pull these as soon as somebody objects.

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