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Archived News for March 24, 2008

Advance Warning, Computer Humor

The week starting March 31st (2008) will see three instances of computer humor. Should you dislike computer humor, I can't blame you and you should probably stay away from the site for the coming week.

Personally, I'd rather skip these strips altogether but every time I tried to sublimate the topic of computers, it merely resulted in me coming up with yet another joke. The idea here is to exorcise the topic by getting rid of three strip ideas in one fell swoop. Hopefully that'll be the last of them. Regular service will resume the subsequent week.

Management is very ashamed of itself and would really like to apologize deeply if it wouldn't sound so hypocritical. It's a bit like somebody telling you he's sorry for stabbing you while he's turning the knife, looking for your heart.

tl;dr: There will be a brief salvo of computer jokes starting March 31st. This is your only warning. Head for the hills.

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