First Published: June 22, 2007

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Hair Problems

Hair growth issues don't have to mean male pattern baldness. There actually may be some cause for alarm regarding my rapid hair growth. You know the old joke:

Kid: "Mom, why does daddy not have any hair on his head?"
Mom: "That's because he spends so much time thinking."
<pause, kid considers the answer>
Kid: "Mom, why do you have so much hair on your head?"

The band name on the t-shirt alludes to a popular US comic strip which sadly no longer runs.

(Note: After reading this strip, a colleague at work commented that he loved the commentaries for each strip. Implying that the strips themselves suck. I apologize.)

Drawing Notes

Yes, I do realize that ears are not held in place by big, clunky bones. But it looked funny.

(Note: The text of this strip has been modified after publication. Trust me, it works better now.)

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