First Published: July 9, 2007

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Acknowledging The Influence

About a week after starting to draw THIS IS ME, I suddenly dimly recalled there having been a Woody Allen newspaper strip once. After a bit of searching around, I came up with a couple of web hits and it all came back to me. Dimly.

When "Inside Woody Allen" ran in newspapers, I was a wee teen. Frankly, I didn't get most of the jokes because I simply didn't share the same universe.

A few years later, that changed. When I was sixteen, each of Mr. Allen's movies felt as if he had made them just for me. The phase passed. "Zelig" was a revelation when I first saw it, now it's an occasionally-hilarious movie which went on to serve as the blueprint for Forrest Gump. Okay, that was cruel, but still.

Drawing Notes

Joe Marthen's rendition of Woody AllenThe Woody Allen drawing in the last panel is based closely on Joe Marthen's version of the character, down to the untied shoelaces and the rough shape of the fingers. Since Marthen, to the best of my limited knowledge, never drew a nearly-nude Woody, however, I made a few things up.

(Can't look at the hands in the second panel without cringing. I really should go back and redraw some of this stuff, but I fear losing momentum.)

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