First Published: August 15, 2007

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Avian Flu Alert

This ties into the previous joke about my habit of repeatedly catching bad colds from a month ago.

Surprisingly, I've gotten less of these ever since I started doing this comic strip.

Drawing Notes

If you can read the text on the can, you need glasses. First person who quotes it to me in an e-mail gets a free sketch*.

25 STRIPSThis is actually the 25th published strip! When I started drawing THIS IS ME, I had done next to no preparation. No roadmap, no cast of characters, no clue. I did literally one page of sketches before embarking on this madness.

Now, nearly two months later, I still haven't done any of the stuff you're supposed to do when doing a comic – character sheets or anything like that. Scott McCloud is going to be so disappointed in me.

*Well, make an educated guess, then.

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