First Published: September 26, 2007

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With Friends Like These

True story.

A bit of context: In an act of unabashed vanity, I pointed said friend to my strip. In reply, I got a note that my imprint was incomplete. I replied that I didn't need a big boilerplate as long as this is still an non-commercial private site. His reply was to point out that he thought the logo "S" looked like... well, the strip already tells this part of the story.

To this day, the friend in question has not told me what he thinks of the strip. But since he found my imprint lacking and the logo reminded him of the horrors of the Third Reich, I doubt he likes it very much.

Frankly, I found this experience both amusing and bemusing.

Drawing Notes

Ah, the unmistakeable icon that is Gene Simmons.

Not until I drew his face did I ever notice that his tongue sorta looks like a... well... I don't really want to fill your head with sickening thoughts.

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