First Published: October 26, 2007

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Point Of Contention

We really have serious issues with the dishwasher. When my wife loads it, everything is fine. When I load it, everything is fine. When one of us tries to complete the others' task, calamity ensues.

Laundry poses a similar problem. We have a tacit agreement: I stay away from the washing machine and nobody gets hurt. But when I fold the clothes the way I was taught to fold clothes, to my wife the results look hideous and alien.

Yesterday, my wife nearly freaked when she saw how I had folded the towels. She quickly calmed herself down, however and avenged herself by folding my undershirts in that hideous and alien way of hers.

Drawing Notes

I am but one step away from changing the style of this comic a bit... the scene above would really have benefitted from an extra gray tone.

On the other hand... should I really make life even more difficult for me than it already is?

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