First Published: October 15, 2007

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The Brown Side, Again

This is a truish story, meaning that while it has a true core, there's quite a bit of fabrication around it. The original reader e-mail stated the point a bit less bluntly; the first panel represents the way the message came across.

The responses in the second and last panel are entirely ficticious, because relating my actual reaction would never fit into four panels. The third panel, however, is a verbatim quote, right down to the missing "a".

An eenie weenie piece of advice: Calling somebody of German descent a Nazi is generally not a good idea. Even if that person is an acquaintance of yours, please just don't.

Drawing Notes

Ah, the plans I had for this strip's art. I wanted to show a tracking perspective shot of myself sitting in front of the TFT, allowing for a bigger screen and a more dynamic appearance.

I planned, I sketched, and then I realized that the whole artistic endeavour would kill the punch line. So instead I drew the same darn back of a TFT for four panels, never mind the keyboard.

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