First Published: November 12, 2007

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Aural Drug Consumption, Part 1

As you can probably can tell, I'm no fan of anti-drug ads such as "Just Say No" or the current "Above The Influence" campaign. It's not that I advocate drug use in any form, but I find these attempts at "getting through to today's youth" silly at best, stupid at its worst.

Anybody who believes that a problem can be solved by taking a narcotic drug is already way beyond the reach of these campaigns. Anyone who believes that drug use is a viable way of escaping reality also has problems that lie well beyond the scope of any government-sponsored drug awareness campaign.

No, I don't have a cure-all solution. But then again, nobody does.

Drawing Notes

This strip was fun to draw, especially during the first few hours. Tedium set in when I started to draw the CD cases. At one point early on, I'd considered actually writing text on the spines.

The monkey's appearance has changed considerably since it last popped up. There is something be said for the old-style monkey, which looked more ragged. This one looks more solid and more threatening. That's good, too – I suppose...

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