First Published: March 12, 2008

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Curse of Apple, Part 1

iPhone users usually display a messianic streak which is barely bearable. The condescending smile as they have explain to you how to use a phone, the proud twinkle in the eyes as their fingers slide over its surface... sheer technoporn.

When an iPhone user meets another one of his kind, the proselytizing pauses for a brief bragging contest: What firmware do you run, what carrier plan did you choose etc. Everybody else in the room suddenly becomes unimportant, non-members need not apply.

Drawing Notes

Not much to say about this strip's art. For some odd reason, the character on the right ended up looking a bit like Steven Stein.

If you were to own an iPhone and you were to place a bookmark for This Is Me on your home screen, you would realize the site actually offers a special high-resolution icon just for iPhone users. I'm such a whore.

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