First Published: September 5, 2008

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Sketch Time 5

Sorry, no strip today, but a sketch to tide you over. This demon appeared in the strip "Intimate Revelations, Part 1", which led into a series of strips about the "inner me," as it were. Here's a joke so you won't feel totally cheated:

A mathematician, a physicist and a statistician go duck hunting. After a while, a duck flies up from the marsh.

The mathematician shoots, but his aim too high and he misses.

The phsyicist shoots, but his aim is too low and he misses.

The statistician stands up and exclaims: "We've got him!"

Drawing Notes

To allow you a better insight at the development of this panel, I decided to blend the blue-pencil sketch into the inked drawing.

The demon was designed entirely from scratch, with no outside reference. You can tell I've watched many movies with scaly creatures, though.

In the strip, a word balloon covered up part of the demon's head. This was a deliberate decision: The gag seemed more important.

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