First Published: November 26, 2008

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Sketch Time 9

As you probably can tell, this strip is ancient. I found it during our recent move within a huge pile of ancient sketches. It probably dates from the late 80's/early 1990's (there's no actual indication to its age on the page).

Back then, I was an unmarried college student, probably in the throes of some unfortunate, doomed relationship. How things change and yet sometimes they kinda don't.

Drawing Notes

The character style on display here is rather shamelessly based on the Brazilian comic strip Turma da Mônica by Mauricio de Sousa. I was really into that strip for a few years. I still love the clean lines, the gestures and the facial expressions.

The original "A Modern Relationship" strip is in German. As I scanned it in, I found out that my scanner's broken, forcing me to correct a few things by hand. Removing the German text took another hour. In retrospect, I might as well have spent the time it took to do the touch-up to draw a new strip (sigh).

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