First Published: July 16, 2009

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Going In Circles

Andrew has this habit of presenting complex, convincing-sounding arguments which utterly overwhelm me.

Still, I usually can't find myself agreeing with him, so most of our discussions end in ellipses: I try to formulate a counter-argument, get sidetracked by something shiny and a couple of years later, we start from scratch.

This is not the first shark in this strip, btw.

Drawing Notes

This strip started out real simple: In my sketchbook, Andrew and I just face each other for four panels, arguing. In the last two panels, we have become old men.

On Monday night, I suddenly found this set-up boring. On my way to work, the skydiving idea emerged. Naturally, the visual punch line needed additional impact. Hence, the afterlife.

Imagining these things is one thing, pulling it off quite a different one. As usual, doing the art took forever and once shrunk down, doesn't look worth the effort. (Click here for a better view).

Edit: Punchline changed after half an hour of work and half an hour of deliberation with a friend. Art also edited for clarity.(Have I mentioned I do this strip for fun?)

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