First Published: July 2, 2007

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Everything Is My Fault

There is a school of thought that states: If something went badly, first examine your own behavior before you assign the blame to others. I've taken the idea to an unfortunate extreme: I first assign blame to myself by default. It's a hard habit to break, too.

... With a strip is called THIS IS ME, of course you would expect it to be somewhat introspective, eh?

Drawing Notes

Looking back at this sixth strip with twenty strips under my belt, this is the one where I started to get too ambitious for my own good.

Close-Up of Panel ThreeAll the newspaper type was laboriously traced by hand from a print-out. It took a heck of long time to do. Now you can't even read any of it and shrunk down as it is, it just looks like slightly fudged computer type.

I also repeated my mistake of spending time on artwork in places later covered by lettering – as illustrated in the close-up above (reduced to 25 % of the strip's original size). 

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