First Published: July 4, 2007

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I Feel Uncomfortable With That Subject

Again, not the most original of jokes, but I've never seen it carried to its logical and bloody extreme. So I went the extra mile.

This strip continues the theme of having a separate gag for the title panel, something I first saw in "Calvin and Hobbes" Sunday strips (If you're gonna steal, always steal from the best).

"Snikt" may be copyrighted by a certain comics publisher for a certain superhero. I don't really care too much until they sue me to smithereens.

Drawing Notes

A Samurai! I drew a Samurai! With bold blacks to indicate a bold character. This took even longer to do than all the traced newspaper clippings together, with only a single reference photograph at my disposal. I can only hope this mean creature doesn't become a running gag.
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