First Published: November 19, 2007

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And The Winner Is

Nothing can be worse for a fragile ego than unexpected success. Fed on a lifetime of perpetual failure, suddenly the personality is overwhelmed with an entirely foreign experience and everything goes haywire. That's what happens to lottery winners, by the way.

The man in the last panel is Andrew. Andrew has been introduced before in a quite dramatic sequence about which I will probably write a few more words later on.

Drawing Notes

Okay, so I thought I'd draw something easy for Monday. Then I started to get into trouble with the hands in the first panel. And then I got into an even bigger mess with the hands in panel 3. Note that the right hand is smaller than the left, with no reason.

Let's not even get into the ear and the hair in the second panel. I'm really, really trying to improve the quality my drawings, but... perfection continues to elude me.

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