First Published: January 7, 2008

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Playing With Fire

When I introduced my wife into the comic, Andrew was extremely apprehensive at the idea. He even suggested marriage counselling.

He was so endearingly concerned about my well-being that it became the basis of a series of three consecutive strips which introduced him as a character (one, two, three).

So... In the next strip, you get to meet my mom. From a safe distance. With a cartoon abstraction layer in between. Lucky you.

Drawing Notes

For this strip, I actually went back to the first sketch I drew of Andrew. Oh boy, has he changed since then. But looking at the old drawing, I saw what I was trying to do back then and in which areas I had started to stray. Tiny readjustments have been made.

I may post the original sketch at some point in the near future, if anybody would care to see it. Yes, this is another of those timid yelps for e-mail (please send to <me AT thisisme-comic DOT com>). Feedback is the fuel this strip runs on.

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