First Published: March 7, 2008

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Return Of The Nose

When a cold arrives in our household, it gets stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle. Every time we pass it on to each other, the virus becomes more vicious.

I understand families with small children are even worse off. A friend's son kept bringing the flu home from kindergarten for about a year and shared with it the entire family. Every time they all got over it, he would come in with a new strand.

The topic of nasal congestion has been covered before.

Drawing Notes

Since I knew that I would have to redraw the same panel three times, I spent about two hours getting the first panel right.

That's not counting the studies I did in the sketchbook. I tried out three variations of how the two figures could be positioned against each other. In the end, I still decided to use what I scribbled in the original sketch. (sigh)

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